This is always a big date on my calender for several reasons. It pays really well. It’s a long day with two two-hour sets of music. I connect with folks who are familiar with me and my music over several generations. Pretty good reasons.

I do two ‘sittings’ for the Santa brunch at 9 am and 12 noon and the country club really rolls out the food, a great Santa, horse-drawn wagon rides and more. I add music and personal interactions with the kids, many of whom know me from years past. The girls dress up in Christmas dresses and the boys in bow ties. The grandparents bring the newer kids up to play along and the situation brings out some deep familial ties. I get to watch and enjoy.

The bag o’ instruments continues to be a great device to encourage interactions with me and between the kids as well. Lots of back and forth.

I have a good selection of Christmas tunes including some obscure, but rockin’ rhythm songs. My friend Jack McGavin is the Santa (he’s really, really good at it) and comes out later in the set to dance with kids during my Santa medley. Lots of cell phone pix from the adults. The club really appreciates what I do and I appreciate the work. This year’s check goes towards travel to Italy to see my daughter Rosalie in February.

I’m sure the folks are movers and shakers (I chatted with the Yocco’s Hot Dog dude and one of the Arts Quest folks) and they all thanked me for my work with the kids. That’s pretty nice.

What I take away from it all is the fact that I can provide a rich experience for generations of families in this community. And I really like working with the kids first hand. They fill up my sets with smiles, dancing and fun. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday in December.