My good friend Mike Duck asked me to share this two hour gig at my local farmers’ market at Lehigh today. I always look forward to swapping two song sets with him and we take advantage of flipping our tunes with each other. I get to work on my noodling skills on mandolin, something I rarely get to do in public (0r otherwise).

It was a cloudy, breezy day with temperatures in the high 50’s, but I was fairly comfortable. I brought my small combination vocal/instrument amp and settled in for our noontime start. Mike is comfortable in presenting both new and old songs, with me trying to figure them out on the fly. I appreciate his confidence, but then again, there were few, if any folks paying attention other than the vendors. (I did get a nice comment from the kiffle lady at the end.)

It was a pleasant two hours playing some music with a friend. And it was a block from home.

Off to Hyannis tomorrow for the International Children’s Music Conference for the weekend.