I was the sacrificial opening act at Godfrey’s for a SouthSide-wide music event sponsored by Lehigh Valley Underground. There were only a few folks in the house, including some of the band that was to follow. At least I was playing for a few fellow musicians. I did my good stuff, regardless, of course and I was eager to play my new 000-15M Martin and I was not disappointed. It rocked. The lead guitarist of the next band came up afterward to ask about it.

Don’t Call Me Early, Barrelhouse, These Days, Voodoo Chile on mandolin, Rosie, Branching Out, Lessons from Pete, It’ll Be Me, Nadine. As I was finishing up, a couple of women fans came in and I was asked for one more. I remembered that one of the ladies loved Tutti Tah, and opted for Baby Shark, along the same lines. It went over well.

Again, people do not come out to see me play. It remains a major frustration for me but I insist on playing strong sets, if not for a crowd, at least for me.