I was asked to return to this law firm’s annual family picnic on Sunday. Last year, it was held at a private estate in Bucks County and it was somewhat uncomfortable with my set separated from the food and festivities.

This year, it was held a large day camp site near Doylestown with lots of activities for kids and families, a nice pavilion and some great food, a local beer truck and a big common space. I was set up on the grass along with a fine face-painter and an activity area for the little kids. This year I was aware that I was not a concert spotlight but one of the many activities available for the kids to choose from. That made a big difference in my attitude.

I sprinkled my bag-wares out on the grass and started to play. The music was able to disperse amongst the folks in the pavilion, and some kids eventually came over to pick up an instrument and react. Too many choices for the kids, but that’s the gig.

I had some nice interactions with a few kids including a young girl coming up and playing my guitar with her fingers. Another girl was particularly enthralled with a tambourine, dancing around on the grass. I made a point of giving my Peanut Butter CD to the parents. I didn’t have a ‘show time’ gig, but I was paid well for an hour of music on a cloudy Sunday in PA.