I returned for my second day at this small stage tucked away in a vast Agricultural Hall (yes, Ag Hall). A much smaller crowd and more kids, moms and grandmoms and a couple of rowdy friends, too. I got there in time today and had some time to think of some tunes I wished I had played yesterday. Well, today I had fewer people but some family fans, some who only come to see me here on this weekend, so I had some friends to play with.

I was able to play a couple of ‘adult’ tunes along the way, I Can See Clearly Now, for one. And I finished with We Are Welcomed. What is nice is that the kids can deal with the shakers, etc. while I play a non-kid tune.

I led off with Blue Mule, a sprightly tune to get started. And I got into the interaction stuff with Down By the Bay, I Wanna be a Dog, etc.

I was prepared for the twins Amy and Alena this year. Two intelligent twins (exact twins!!) that have been at this venue the last three years. They visit their grandmom from Media, PA. They know my stuff better than I do. I’ve had them come up on stage for Giants each year and today they were ready. When they came up on stage, they even went for the tubes before I had a chance to give them to them. They were great! They were looser than last year (great monster faces which young girls can never really pull off). This is tremendous performance theater, even at this humble level.

The sound guys were dealing with a new board, so I had some fun bouncing off them. My guitar was going in and out, plus a bunch of WW I reenactors were nearby giving readings for a cable TV station. I found out afterwards that “Peanut, Peanut Butter” was audible while the gents were being taped. My friends presenting this stage were perturbed. I was dealing with the folks in front of me.

Again, these small gigs are good, honest work. As I try to engage a grandmom and her three grandkids, a elderly couple there for the day, young families who come to see me, and various folks cruising the exhibit hall, my antennae are up and I try to figure out how to connect.

There was some fine interplay with the folks who showed up, and that includes the sound guys, the folk tending the exhibits nearby, the security guard and the families who continue to support me and my music. I’ll be back on Monday, Labor Day.