Roland Kushner had put together myself, Mary Faith Rhoads and Rick Weaver for a celebration of the late, great Stan Rogers’ music. We had pieced together this last summer with some success and Roland was a stern taskmaster this year, with multiple, multiple rehearsals. I missed a bunch due to heavy performing schedules, but Mary, Rick and Roland did a lot of work on the tunes and the vocals. It paid off tonight.  Folks were much more relaxed and confident and it was a pleasure to be on stage with them all.

There was a surprising number of people who came out, several who had seen Stan at the club back the the late 70’s and early 80’s. We rolled through the set list, with each taking the lead. The conversation was real and the music was strong. Dulcimer, concertina, guitar, octave mandolin, mandolin, mandocello, rain stick and rub board. A nice sonic menu.

I tremendously enjoyed  the role of backup mandolinist, adding to the percussive and chordal strength of Stan’s songs. They really rock, if you play them strong, and that’s what I can add to this ensemble.

I added several very strong songs with Giant, How Legends are Made and a newer one Oh No, Not I. I really had a good time watching my friends perform for a wonderful Godfrey’s audience and doing such a fine job. It was sweet.

I got a FB message at 5 pm that afternoon that the Philly Folk Song Society wants us to play for a PFFS monthly meeting. That’s mighty fine, and Rick, Mary and Roland were quite pleased.