I had farmed out three tunes to my friend Craig Thatcher for my CD project. Today was an amazing experience, for both myself and Kevin Soffera, co-producer, drummer and friend. Working with professionals.

Craig came prepared, having absorbed the tunes we shared on Dropbox, a wonderful way to prep  ‘works in progress’ with other musicians. Craig brought in a dobro, an acoustic and two electrics, and with Kevin’s tools, we were able to dial up classic Fender amps, and use sophisticated microphones for the guitars. We rolled. False From True up first.

Craig added some nice open G slide backtracks to the mix in support of my basic acoustic tracks. He then stepped up with some nasty electric licks for the lead sections. Never getting in the way. Mike Dugan waits in the wings to reply. Craig’s electric leads made our collective hairs stand on end.

We headed into  Lessons from Pete and Craig had a notion to bring out a nice Gretch to give us some Duane Eddy/Mark Knopfler tones. He nailed it. Again Kevin could dial up very comfortable ‘amp’ sounds for Craig. These guys were able to communicate about these sophisticated tonalities to make everyone comfortable in a this great creative space. It happens in the studio, too. That’s what it’s all about. Magic happens here.

We lined up  Rosie is a Friend of Mine and Craig brought out a nice acoustic Martin to add nice and  mellow acoustic leads and also added some fine Allman Brothers harmonies at the end. His sensibilities are spot on in many, many ways. Craig is there. My good friend.

We dealt with three sophisticated tunes and nailed them in two hours. And Craig donated his check to Godfrey’s.

Nuff said.