This is strange and wonderful gig that rolls around every couple of months. It’s a cafe in a bakery in a quaint village along a gorge in south PA and Friday is pizza night, so folks turn out with a bottle of wine, order some artisan food and, hopefully, listen to live music. I enjoy the challenge of making folks listen and it works here. I also get to play my adult acoustic material for a change.

The kicker is that I get paid in tips, a pizza, a loaf of bread and some croissants. But its worth the travel, time and effort. Folks are starting to come back to see me here, and there are familiar folkie faces from Godfreys and elsewhere.

I made the mistake of asking if anyone had requests, and, immediately, someone said Neil Young. Things never change. I told the lady that I would play one at the end of the night (no one thought I was serious..). She did stay til the end and I face-palmed myself, saying, “I forgot!” By then the audience “got it”, that I was going to play my material and play it well.

A good night, and I dined on a fine veggie/anchovy folded pizza on the way home. The ones in the tip case will pay for my laundry for the next couple of weeks. That’s how I measure my success these days.