I was asked to return for a few songs with the kids in front of their parents and families, and, most importantly reconnect with the kids one more time. The kids were up on the stage in the gym and did a couple of songs before our set. We started off with Bear Hunt with their Dorney Park verse, followed with the Little Sally Walker circle dance, Magic Penny and then Jelly in the Dish with the scarves. Amazingly we pulled them off as if we were down in the classroom, with little self-consciousness and some fun moments. I was able to relate to the parents what I was trying to accomplish over the span of my residency, add a few humourous asides, let the kids’ voices be heard on their own.

I was pleased with the whole run of visits, finding new techniques, brushing up on old material, finding out what tunes lasted when I was gone and simply enjoying playing with the kids.

I offered my CDs for $5 and had only a few takers. One father came up and asked if the CDs were with the kids. I said no and he walked away since his kid wasn’t on them. I said that your kid will sing along with it in your home, live and in person. But, that’s not what he wanted. Nuts.

I hope to return next year. One teacher said that she had chatted with other teachers in other schools that I was doing this project with Third Street Alliance and they were quite jealous. Indeed, pretty deep early childhood education going on.