I headed out to the Reading area for a return gig at small park pavilion next to a stream in rural PA. I appreciate these fairly regular gigs from the network of folks who book community park series. This was the first one for me this season, and the first of six for this particular run of family shows. Several familiar faces in the crowd along with an assortment of young families, kids and adults. It was a comfortable show, with the kids diving into the bag of shakers early, with several kids leading the way for the other shyer kids. One little boy had his eyes on my guitar though, and made a beeline towards it numerous times, with his mom two steps behind. I was able to let him play my guitar at the end, and promptly deposited the pick in sound hole. I also like having the scarves on hand for the more ambitious dancers in the crowd.

I had mentioned my favorite ‘super star’, a grandmother’s fine move. At the end, one family came up and showed me a phone picture of their grandmother doing that move a year ago at a family birthday party one year ago. There she was, doing exactly what I remember. I got a really good laugh out of that. This stuff has some history to it, and sometimes I get wind of it later on. Very cool.