I played the opening set at noon of a Multi-cultural Festival a block away from home, for the Holy Infancy School and Parish. Lots of fried food, volunteers and a chance of rain. There were few folks and only a couple of kids, but I slogged my way through an hour and a half set of music. Good moments throughout with Father Andy shaking that thang, some very responsive kids on the dance floor and some adults surprised by how enjoyable the music was.

The son of one of the teachers, Luis, had his massive sound system on hand and I had to ask him several times to turn me down. I’m not sure he has had to deal with acoustic professionals like me.

I was billed as Mr. Fry. This was a first, but somewhat understandable coming from the respect I have within the school. Of course, it’s Mr. Fry. Oh, well….

I was glad I could add to the festivities, and make my mark on the community as best I can. It didn’t rain until after 9 pm so the festival lucked out. Tomorrow, thunderstorms for my farmers’ market in Hellertown. Summer’s here.