I headed out for a session with the Pre-K and K classes in Califon, NJ, part of my wish to make up for the poor weather and showing for the school’s PTA fundraiser earlier in the month. I felt that I had restored some balance, having gotten a big check for few kids back then. We gathered in the all-purpose room and I did the afternoon session without a sound system. It was fun and worth not getting paid for this session.

I picked out a lad in a wheelchair to play the Thunder Tube for Giants, and his teacher was particularly thrilled that I did. It seemed the natural thing to do. There were lots of hands raised early on, kids wanting to say something but I had to roll on. One boy got in the observation that I had played there in the fall with RockRoots. That was nice. One pre-K kid up front put his hands over his ears and the teacher escorted him to the side. That brought about several other kids putting their hands over their ears too. Sheesh. Everyone is a critic.

It was a bright, sunny day and a way to spend the afternoon doing what I do best.