I had my annual gig at Holy Infancy School, the parochial school a block from my apartment this week. They don’t have the money and I don’t ask – it’s part of being a good neighbor. It was a warm but not oppressive 90 degrees and we were able to do it on the Greenway behind the building. The kids have their favorites so I did the Cat Came Back, Peanut Butter, Giants and others.

A special thing happened early on. I had written a song with some of the afterschool kids last spring and I thought I’d reprise it, but hadn’t done it for a year. It dawned on me that a bunch of the kids were in the audience so I asked if I could get some help. Several hands shot up and I invited them up with me. They knew the song cold, complete with the hand motions and taught it to the rest of the crowd. I was struck that they ‘got it’ so completely that they pulled it out on the spot.

The school has a new principal, and I think she was not quite ready for the Dave Fry Experience and gave me several curious looks during the show. I said ‘Butt’ which probably upset her. But, I have seniority with this school.

It was a good session with my peeps down the street.