I finished up my regular visits to this childcare center today, filled with love and joy. Having a stretch of many weekly visits has given me some nice perspective on my work, seeing what material sticks as well as the absorbing the learning capabilities of the different age groups.

I was delighted to learn that the kids are now doing Little Sally Walker on their own (in their own way), so I did a check up on the circle dance, and, for the most part, they were singing along and making their way through the dance.  The Bear Hunt and their Dorney Park verse is a favorite, and I got one girl to come up and lead it, and, again, it was a great moment to see her in front of her peers. Her excitement was palpable and she had a few unforced errors, but perfection is not the end here.

I brought out Rockin’ ABC’s and it was a big hit, especially with my shades and my backwards hat. We reprised Rosalie, Where are You Going with several kids taking the lead. They all had very little fear of performing in front of their friends.

I brought out some red sunglasses so I could get four kids up to do I Like Peanut Butter. They responded wonderfully and we created some fun theater. I then broke open the bag of instruments for the last time, and, again, the kids had mastered the three ways of playing (silence, beat and sizzle) and we jammed on Splish Splash.

I finished up by asking, “What was your favorite song?” Bear Hunt, Rockin’ ABC’s (the new one), Little Sally Walker, etc. as well as the teacher’s favorite Jelly in the Dish with the scarves. That was my favorite, too. I look forward to being asked back next year as well as returning for their ‘graduation’ in May.