It was an honor to be asked to celebrate an evening at my local parochial school for the  The Sisters Scholarship Dinner. I had been introduced to this school during the PASELA residency about ten years ago, and have fostered a wonderful relationship with the teachers and kids over the years. I’ve done workshops, Christmas assemblies, playground visits and more over the years, and I had a chance to talk about it tonight.

Since I wasn’t allowed to play, I resurrected (appropriate choice of words) my LVMA speech about “playing” music. It was a good point of reference.

“In play, a vast world opens up our minds and souls to creativity, risk taking, interpersonal connections, and, most amazingly, time disappears. It was my songwriter friend Bob Franke who once wrote “Let your dreams bind your work to your play.” I continue to realize how precious these musical moments are.”

It was particularly nice to let my colleagues at this school know that I think about what I do, and how this school helped me define what I do. I learned “The Tutti Tah” from this school’s preschool, and I eventually used it at the Philly Folk Fest in front of thousands of people. I let them know tonight. Indeed, my Playground CD starts off with the sounds of Holy Infancy’s kids on the playground next door.

Sister Therese asked for my Playground CD at the end of my visit. I was tickled to put it in her hand and I told her, “Crank it up!” She will. A good night in my neighborhood.