I had three sets as part of the first day of Peeps Fest at Arts Quest, trading sets with a magician. It was a long day, but having John Christie sit in certainly helped out a whole lot. There were lots of things to do on site with fun runs, mascots, movies, science demos, etc. so it was like playing in a mall. It was particularly heartening that there were many familiar faces that came by for the shows.

I had done an early morning promo on the local TV station the day before so that was a positive way to encourage folks to come out for the Friday’s events.

Having the sets spread out made it possible to repeat some of the material, and though I don’t like to double up on the songs, I had to keep each audience engaged, dancing and playing along with the instruments – very little room for subtlety. Again, we’re playing in a cavernous space with the sound coming from the ceiling and a vast panorama of steel stacks behind us. We did well with what we had to deal with. And, I got paid.