This is the second year for my Wiggly Giggly Christmas Eve at an old country church in Old Zionsville. It’s a children’s service but there are quite a few parents, grandparents and church elders in the sanctuary. I handed out red foam noses to kids before hand, going back into the pews to make a connection. Made acquaintances with four teenage boys. They actually got into it and it was fun to see them loose during the evening.


The vicar did a simple homily, we sang a few carols and then she set me free to do a 20 minute set of kids stuff. I invited the kids up, and we did Peanut Butter, Tutti Tah, Rudolph, Here Comes Santa Claus. I then broke out the bag and we did Mary Had a Baby, with the congregation singing response and the kids groovin’ on the instruments. We followed with a few more carols, Away in a Manger and Silent Night and that’s it. A nice humble service with lots of community involvement.

A nice way to celebrate Christmas eve, with kids and families in my old rural haunts outside of Shimerville.