Today was the big day to unveil our new song “Hey, Ho, Calypso” as part of the school’s 100th Anniversary and it was fairly chaotic. I got there early to set up my sound and rehearse with the kids before the show and, as the time approached, the middle school chorus cruises in, as well as a step team to do their part in the show. The custodian wondered where we would put the kids, middle-schoolers, dignitaries and parents in the all-purpose room. I was feeling a little anxiety.

The presentation was quite nice, with several former students, now teachers and policemen themselves gave short snippets, a slide show of the school’s history narrated by the kids, the choir and the step team all did their thing. It was time for the song.

The kids were ready and we took off. The chorus really resonated and the audience picked up on all the right things, to the point where I backed off the microphone and let the group lead the song. At the end, the kids went out into the crowd with the hand claps, finished the song and rushed back to the stage for our final ‘super star!’. It went over great.

As I packed up, I had several people, including the videographer, the school secretary and the principal, all comment that the song was stuck in their heads. I suppose that’s a compliment. I was feeling a little exhausted and a little depressed after the show, to my surprise. But it was the culmination of a lot of effort on my part and of the kids, and I’m sure it made a difference for them and the school.

I will gather some art work, video’s, etc. to put into a final Powerpoint, record the song myself and present it to the school for their use. Good work if you can get it.