I enjoy playing small gigs like this one on Saturday afternoon, a family gathering for Adeline’s 3rd Birthday outside of Phillipsburg, NJ. The family had seen me at GarlicFest in Easton this fall and invited me for this family event. There were families, grandparents, kids, food and more, and I settled in early with some eats. I chatted with folks and especially the older sister, Genevieve, about her art work on the walls in the dining room, and when I came in, Adeline gave me a big ole knee hug. The kids remembered me from the Easton gig.

I started out with Peanut Butter and the sister said, “I know that one!” The kids picked up on the hand movements and we were off and running. There was one boy who really got into it and was a great foil for the adults watching. There was also a younger lad who’s focus wandered, but I had channelled his energy early on. He eventually wandered off among the toys in the house. The parents Anthony and Tracy were involved, as were the grandmoms, and helped guide the energy forward. Lots of phone pix of the kids, and when the shakers came out, we had some wonderful moments. I even picked on one of the granddads who stepped up when I asked him to do some gobble-gobbles during the Bear Hunt.

I particularly enjoy involving the adult family members, and it really adds to the occasion when they join in. It’s not just about the kids’ show at all. It’s about the family and its community. I’m am glad I do what I do, and I got some very nice compliments from folks as I headed back to Bethlehem.

I left them with two of my CDs so the experience will last for many more years. That’s cool, too.