Well, well, well. A very nice night at the St. Peter’s Bakery tonight. This has always been an act of love for the joint, and, more importantly, a chance for me to play adult music for adults. Two hours of banging and hanging, getting out the fun tunes, the mando tunes and basically play for myself in front of noisy situation (and still not a bar…). I enjoy the challenge.

As I got there in the nick o’ time (before 7 pm for a 7 pm hit), I came upon two very good friends, Amy and Charley, sitting at the primo table. I felt good right away. I scurried about, setting up my small PA for the gig, and actually was ready at 7:05. Remarkable, considering the travel on a Friday night.

I launched in. I had my GD Martin and my cheap mando, both easy to tune and to play. I love my tools. It flowed tonight and the time passed much quicker than usual, partly because of folks listening and acknowledging my effort. Folks were dancing to Nadine for the last song. I got a quantum leap in tips and have enough ‘Washingtons’ to keep me in laundry money til Christmas.

For the first time at this venue, the owner of the Bakery tossed in a couple of  “Jackson’s”. Bam. That was very nice. Seems I have arrived, in a way. This is a ‘tips and food’ gig, both very much appreciated: bread, a Sunday sweetbread and a very cool pizza (Veggies and anchovies. Healthy, no?) and the good will of the People. It really adds up to a very satisfying gig. That’s why I play here.

I surprised myself tonight. It seemed I was primed from the Bristol ES gigs over the last two weeks, as well as the recording sessions with Kevin. I guess I felt focused.  I had a really good time.

I drove back to Bedlam through this familiar PA landscape, with the clear waning moon on my right. I played some Little Feat to guide me home.  A good night.

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