I got back through the rain, took a nap so I wouldn’t have to deal with all the Facebook nonsense, gloating, moaning, etc. I headed over to Calypso for my final session with the after school kids to try to wrap up our centennial song. I wrote a draft of a final verse and needed one more verse by the kids to finish the tune off. We launched into it at 4 pm for an hour. We named the tune: Hey, Ho, Calypso.

The kids remembered the chorus and we had finalized the first two verses already. The third verse came smoothly and we pared it down to size. I presented my fourth verse and we made some good changes. Towards the end, we worked out some hand and body motions to help perform the song, and the kids came up with great stuff. As they filed out at 5 pm, I asked that they draw an album cover for the song. It looks like we should get together one more time to rehearse the presentation that’s part of a celebration assembly in December.

Working with the kids was great and we have a song. As always, these residencies are pretty creative, and something comes out of the ether and takes shape. The kids rise to the challenge. It was nice that I had 3rd, 4th and 5th graders working on this together.

Hey, ho, Calypso, D G
Miles of smiles that shimmer and glow. (smiles and hands) A Bm A
Hey, ho, Calypso, D G
Every day, we all grow, (hands outward) A D
Ho, ho, ho. (a chuckle.)

verse 1
The morning starts with the school bell ring, (ring a bell) D G
Learn math, reading and science things, (point to brain) A G A
Time for lunch, Hey, what´s to eat? (open a bag) D G
Sandwich, an apple and a sweet treat. (Yum and belly rub) A D


verse 2
Out on the playground, we skip and run, (run in place)
Red Rover, Dodge ball , super fun, (arms up)
A hundred years of kids´ tag games. (hands)
Jump rope, hopscotch, we´re just the same. (point out and in)


verse 3
In Art class, we draw nice and neat, (squiggle line)
In Gym class, we make our hearts beat, (thumping heart)
We sing in Chorus with harmony sweet, (…)
Pack up our homework; our day’s complete. (Yes!)


verse 4
We head out the door to friends and family,
To Bethlehem homes in our community.
One century of Calypso joys.
Generations of girls and boys.

everyone sings, and then go out into the audience, encouraging laughter.