Bristol, PA school – the day after the election

I’m doing three days of sessions with the primary grades at Snyder-Girotti Elementary in Bristol, PA, my parents hometown. I vaguely remember visiting my Pop-pop and Uncle Harry, his brother and I plan on cruising by the old homestead on Jefferson Street next time as well as visit Pop-pop’s grave in town.

I did two hour sets with the 2nd grade today in the small auditorium room for about 50 kids per session. Just small enough not to haul in a sound system for the shows. The kids were great as were the teachers.

I didn’t stay up to find out the results and awoke at 6 am with headline on the NY Times. Quite the shock, but I was glad I got my sleep instead. As I traveled the distance down to the school, I had plenty of time to consider the ramifications of the election on our culture, education, the arts and kids-of-color. Quite sobering.

I felt I needed to immerse myself in my art to help me deal with the shock. It worked and several teachers came up afterwards thanking me for helping them deal with the situation, too. That was powerful juju for us all, and that’s what music can do. At least for a while.

Back home for an after school session at Calypso. I’m glad I am busy today.