I traveled an hour and a half down to and back from a farm in Delaware, just over the border from Chadd’s Ford, PA. The weather was cloudy but no rain in the forecast. The music was sponsored by the Brandywine Friends of Old Time Music, and I was, essentially the only non-old time band there, and that’s okay. I had a late set on the stage following the International Turtle race in front of me. Van Gone won.

I settled in, plied my bag of instruments and tried to draw an audience. With so many events going on across the fields, it’s hard to gather and maintain kids and parents. Several folks did so, and we had a pretty good time. It was work, though. I got a dad and his daughter up to play Thunder Tubes, and dad got into it and it made for some good theater. Kids picked up on scarves, tambourines, maracas, puppets and such and we proceeded to do some community building under the grey skies.

The pumpkin ice cream made the day.