I have grown fond on this gig, despite the low pay scale. It gives me the opportunity to play for a fairly diverse audience of old folks, families and social strata. I asked one couple what they come to the fair to see. The man said the demolition derby and the wife said the food. I asked some others and food came up a couple more times. Then one man in front said, “Dave Fry.” I got out my wallet and gave him a dollar.

Another senior was futzing with his cell phone and when I finished the song, I asked him to put his cell phone away (playing on the current mania) since this was live music. He then said that he was recording me. I then said that he should REALLY put the phone away. These are some of the spontaneous things that come up that make the gig fun for me and funny for the audience.

Kids danced on stage for the last two songs and it made for great visual theater.

I sold a CD (!!!) and made some tips and left feeling good about what I do.