I made the long trek up and back to CT, and, amazingly, I get a lot out of the three hours I play on the green. It was a sunny day, bordering on too hot, but I had the big ole tree for shade. Usually I get little notice from the elite that cruise by, purchasing their sea food, flowers, artisan kale and goat cheese. Today, though, several moms and small children made a point to stop by and take time to play with me. Towards the end, there was a group of preschool kids and parents on blankets near by, and the kids gravitated over to where I was playing.

Today, I particularly took note of the real young toddlers and their eyes. As their parents and grandparents walked by, the little kids simply stared at me, completely fascinated with this live music experience. The adults were oblivious to me, but the little kids understand. I, in turn play right to them, look them in the eye and make connection. Pretty powerful stuff.

A few dollar tips, a hundred dollar bill in pay, seven hours on the road and three hours of solid practice. I was bushed when I got back, but a righteous weariness.