It’s back to the IceHouse for the first of my summer shows as part of the TTT series. There were about 12 PYT campers, 7 PYT counsellors and 6 other folks in attendance, just enough critical mass for an interactive session. Having the PYT (PA Youth Theater) folks makes for a more workshop atmosphere, so I took advantage to do my Sally playsongs in the middle of the session. We cleared enough room to make a big circle for the two dances. Both proved to be nice mixers among the adults, kids and counselors, and that’s exactly what these folk dances are supposed to do.

I allowed some time for questions, especially with curious theater kids, and they came up with some good ones: favorite song (the one I’m going to play next), favorite band (Beatles), and other pithy and interesting questions. I enjoy the fact that I can treat kids like adults at these shows, not play down to them and engage them on a ‘real’ level.

It was a small crowd but a good exercise for a June – First Day of Summer – Tuesday morning.