I was really looking forward to tonight with my two good friends from CT in the house. They had a long, traffic-filled drive to make it and a long drive home afterwards. They got a taste of what I had to do for 10 years when I was in CT and playing in NJ and PA back in the day.

Again, no one shows up, to speak of, for these evenings. In fact, there were more folks from CT in the house than from PA. But I knew that would happen when I booked the night. Anyway, it was a good night of music among friends, with Ron’s great songs, Denny’s bass and vocals, and I got to throw in some songs of my own and some tales of my time with these two good friends. One regular attendee said that it was one of the best ones, and that tickled Ron, a tough sell. I pulled out Smokin’ Babies, Barrelhouse, Ron did a bunch of his wonderful originals, Denny did a couple of country tunes and the chat with the audience was warm and relaxed.

Big thanks to Sue, Ron’s amour and her cousin, Dave Foster and his wife on his 60th birthday tour of Godfreys and Martin, as well as regulars Dave, Tom, Lou and Dave Turner for being there. I’m fairly depressed when I start the show with 10 people in the house, but eventually perk up when I’m on stage with my friends.

I was a phantom in CT when I lived up there, and remain a phantom in my own home town today. So it goes.