I had a second gig laid on me for Friday night at the St. Peter’s Bakery. My friend Andy Killcoyne had to pull out of a Dina Hall gig and Ed McKendry stepped up to fill in for Andy, and I stepped in for Ed at the Bakery.

I was a little fatigued from the Bushkill gig but figured I would find the energy once I started playing, and I felt I needed to help out Dina, Ed and Andy, as well.

I made it in time, set up my small system and launched into my set. It was a fairly noisy situation, being Friday Night Pizza Night, but no matter. I know what I’m getting in for, and I like to treat it as a chance to practise my stuff.

Folks had a good time with applause after each song, somewhat of a surprise for me. I broke two strings, engaged the crowd and had one little kid sit up front and stare. I gave his parents my Peanut Butter CD for future reference and road trips in the car. The time went quickly, I picked up a loaf of bread, a croissant and a veggie wrap to go, gathered $50 in tips and headed home. Again, a fairly long day of driving and playing but it always turns out to be a good thing.