I had a nice small assembly program in Bushkill Center for about 60 kids in their Be Safe after school program. We gathered in the gym and I set up a small PA for this one; 60 is the threshold for maintaining vocal control for kids. It worked out fine.

The 6th grade kids looked skeptical at first, unwilling to participate, so I took that as a challenge. As it turned out they became invested. I also worked the young counselors, as well and got them to sing and participate as well.

As I finished up with the Knock Knock Freeze Dance, groups of the kids started to dance together, including a can-can dance and eventually a giant conga line around the gym. It was great that they took the initiative to do that, and that we create a safe space for them to do it in.

The lady who booked me came up afterwards and simply said, “Wow.” The folks are going to try to have me back for a full school assembly next year. Good.