I played another parking lot today and this says a lot about my musical career this spring. It was a community festival sponsored by a bank, which made me initially regret the fee I asked for at first. But, as it turns out, I’m okay with the arrangement.

Free food by local businesses, a bounce machine, some local organizations and kids events. I set up away from the air compressor for the bounce machine and the musak machine. It was for the best.

I had an hour set off to the side and I launched into some songs with my bag emptied out in front of me, trolling for kids. It worked nicely as kids and parents gravitated to me. We interacted, person to person, and the hour went quickly. The kids who chimed in had a good time as we sang, danced and banged on instruments. The community folk who sponsored the event were pleased, we got some good photos for the local paper and I had some great local food, to boot.

It was particularly nice to be playing on 4th Street, only blocks away from home on a Saturday afternoon. And the sun came out after a week of clouds. There ya go.