I was particularly eager to get out of my apartment and perform so I headed out to Andy Kilcoyne’s Open Jam along the Delaware River. As usual, the songs I planned for on the ride down didn’t match what I decided to do in the moment. That’s the way it goes.

I wanted to do Giant, the Stan Rogers tune I’ve been working on, even though it’s somewhat esoteric for a bar crowd, but I started off with it. I learned from this attempt that it still needs work. I blanked on the second verse, and, in performance, the key is just a little low, perhaps because of the pressures of performing it live in front of a new audience. Good information to work on.

I pulled out Barrelhouse Blues since Jeff, the fellow in front of me, did two fine Bruce Cockburn tunes. I also wanted to involve Andy and Mitch, the guitar and bass backbones of the jam, on a couple of tunes. The stuff I toss them are quite challenging but I’m confident in my ability to lead the song and in their abilities to learn on the fly. They did great for the whole set.

I wanted to do a Giants medley so I followed with Kent’s Giants. Again, I trusted the lads with the progression and they caught up, with a few bumps that only myself and Mitch and Andy knew. There is a certain freedom in these gigs that I take advantage of. Mitch feels it on bass, but I had a chance to talk with him afterwards that I respect his talents to the point that I take advantage of him. I think he understands that.

I brought out Rosie as well, partly because it’s so fun to play but turning out to be a good jam tune for Andy and Mitch. I’m getting really comfortable on this one and nailed it tonight.