I booked this one back a few months, in the middle of a dry spell, so this one was a ‘civic duty’ benefit. I was scheduled for two hours among kids’ activities – bounce playstation, some arts, firemen and a fire truck – and me on a chair at the end of the parking lot. Thankfully, it was a sunny day, with temps in the mid-60’s and I plunged in at noon with a small staff of volunteers (grateful) and vast stretch of macadam.

As a few families stopped by, I trolled for kids to come over a play some instruments and spent the next two hours mixing it up with a few kids and parents, practising my kids
repertoire and banging on the guitar.

I made a point to write up my kids stuff on a card so that I could flex my tunes off of my CDs. I actually repeated a few tunes to work out some kinks. This turned out to be a good opportunity to practice, knowing that the few volunteers wouldn’t mind my repetition. With this in mind, I felt no problem with doing a freebie, I got out of the apartment on a sunny day and sold a CD as I was packing up from a lady who had raised her kids on my music, and now has grandkids. A very nice touch to end the day.