I returned to Village School for a small concert. I’ve developed a history with some of these kids, families and church folks. I set up in the sanctuary up a step and encouraged the kids to sit up front on the rug. The parents and grandfolks sat in the pews so we had a tidy little session. There was one renegade boy who just took off for most of the show, but the rest hung in there.

I felt a little rusty, though my basic set works well. It just made me feel like I need more time working on a broader set list, though. I have a bunch of shows coming up so I need to do some woodshedding over the next few weeks.

The parents and grandparents loved seeing the kids play music and have fun. That’s the big payoff, anyway. I was done at 7:30 pm and drove back to the SouthSide.

Two hours at the Nazareth YMCA tomorrow for no pay, but a good chance to work out some material for May.