Patrick mentioned that I had other opportunities to add kids’ stuff at my other gigs, one being my trio gig with Kris and Ed, and at the Godfreys Sunday.

I pressed my points in trying to separate my adult folk with the kids material. I told him that I was working hard to promote my ‘serious’ stuff, as a folk performer with a good band. I needed to present that as a whole performance piece, you know, like all my other friends and musicians would do. The Show, ya know.

I also thought it would be a disservice to the families who would come. I could do a short set of kids’ stuff directed to them, but then change my focus to the larger audience and perhaps leave them in the dust. Two separate and distinct performance situations. It’s in these negotiations that some pretty deep artistic decisions are made. And I find myself defending my Art, as it is….

We also spent some time talking about kids music spread throughout the festival, as opposed to presenting live music at the kids area (rides, food, balloon people, etc.). Patrick said he had a ‘holistic’ view of having kids experience the variety of music at these other stages. Expose them to the big picture. I disagreed with him on several levels. I think families are stressed enough with the logistics of schlepping everyone around at a major urban festival. And, quite frankly, it’s called Musik Fest.

We wrapped up the conversation. I said I would correct any kerfuffles on Face Book. I had made the mistake of painting with the broad brush of no family music for the whole festival. Yes, kids music scattered across the many stage and days, but, still, no music in the kids area.

I’m remain skeptical that I’ve patched up the tears in my relationship with this festival. In recent years, I’ve complained about the 20% surcharge on CD sales for artists. It’s embarrassing for me to make $8 on a CD sale without boosting my fair price for a smaller CD market.

I’m still getting ‘in the field’ reports from other performers, families, etc. Very interesting conversations developed, even with the main man in town. Curious times.