Friday night was my friend John Gorka’s return to Godfreys. I emceed the first show and got to hang out with both John and Russ Rentler, John’s guest mando player and fellow Razzy Dazzy Spasm Band mate from Moravian College days.

John grew up on this stage and it’s marvelous to see the true professional he has become. His songs, his voice, his stage patter, his schtick (good though) and his stage craft. He did a particularly GD centric show and he referenced me, Stan Rogers, Utah, Rosalie and scrapple, too.

I hear echoes of John’s worldly gigs and he continues to reference the club (and myself) in the press and on stage. It’s as close to me ever going out on tour. John creates some of Bethlehem ripples in folk music that I’ll never get to experience, but I know they are out there in the ether….

John’s the best, and a brother, in deed.