I was asked to fill in for my friend Amy Forsythe at her monthly acoustic jam, one of my favorites in the area. It remains a friendly and low-key evening of music among friends, with a nice variation of tunes, styles and skills. Folk, bluegrass, country, Broadway and oldies. Lots of tunes to muck about with and lots of room to find a place in the choir.

I hauled out my Irish tunes that I play once or twice a year that are a hoot. All For Me Grog, Ramblin’ Rover, The Wild Rover and Ireland, a nice folk-rock tune that is fun to play.

I particularly love the respect each of us have for each other’s songs and tunes, setting up the chord changes, give room for leads. We all are taking chances on the tunes we bring to the circle, and it is great to feel the love. And, our antennae are up and active and our brains are in gear. That’s why I have so much fun at these musical gatherings.

Often my link in the chain is to hold down the rhythm, help establish the chord changes, and then I can relax and do some creative noodling and still support the song.

I drove home with the CD player off, still hearing the tunes in my head.