Here’s the whole kit and kaboodle….

My first post: Musikfest has eliminated family music from the programming, as I find out, specifically at the kids’ area. ” We’ve begun to move in the direction of offering more family activities, buskers, balloon making, and art in that space rather than kids bands.” I am working on setting up a performance at the Ice House on Sand Island that week. Stay tuned.

Jeff Riedy Wha?

Wayne Heiserman Seriously? Are they nuts?

Janet Fry Corporatization of the US, I always say. What dopes.

Jeff Riedy “Family” events don’t keep the beer (cash) flowin’!

Jack McGavin I’m sure it was based on the sound, artistic judgment that kids don’t drink beer.

Andrew Mark Schaffer That’s a shame, seriously

Julia Cadden Brady Go Dave! !!!!

Angela Matus Sinkler Thank goodness they didn’t lose their senses when Madeline was still a little girl! We had some of our best times as a family at the Musikfest children’s shows. How very sad. Kudos to you for taking action! I’ll happily spread the word.

Samuel Saint Thomas what? geebus!

Anne Crew What?!?!

Abigail Fox Musikfest should just eliminate themselves.

Priscilla Prisms Holy Unbelievable.. sounds like a political action taken by the party of you-know-who

Sunny Sonnenrein Lord Voldemort?

Priscilla Prisms Yes! Exactly!

Joyce K. Moore that’s awful.

Sunny Sonnenrein Not sure I agree with the direction this is taking. Cast in Bronze was eliminated last year, and his usual space was an empty blah. Now this elimination of family music. Pretty soon it will be big national names only and lose all the local/regional flavors.

Rosalie Fry That’s absurd!

Todd Newman What a bunch of knuckleheads.

Deb Messling Wow, that’s completely against the original spirit of the event. I hope they don’t emphasize in their grant applications how community-minded they are, because they’re totally not anymore. For some years now, the children’s area has been rides and commercial vendors, instead of educational games and crafts. Makes me so mad, and I don’t even have kids.

Samantha Walls Laudenslager I heard that yesterday from another musical friend! So ticked off!

Carter Lansing Hmm. Will be interesting to see how that works out for them. Can they afford to alienate an entire demographic?

Robert Peruzzi Just in time for my grandson coming of age.

David C. Perry Say it ain’t so!

Rick Levy Man..I remember rock roots, out on a limb..all the fun stuff we did in the early days..when LOCALS were the stars of musikfest

Debra Frohwitter Belles Whaaa???

Kathy Warde Dave Fry, are you kidding me?
Seriously? Who is ultimately responsible for booking acts?
Can you even give me a name?…See More

Scott Siska Ridiculous.

Mary Lou Lewis Why???????? Ugh!!

Dave Fry ” we’ve begun to move in the direction of offering more family activities, buskers, balloon making, and art in that space rather than kids bands.”

Scott Siska Carry on. That’s great.

Tracey Dreisbach Selby Musikfest started as a great idea free music for everyone. Community involvement and local bands were the epicenter. It is now a big business money making machine. I hope they bring lots of tourists to the area because many of us locals no longer support this event.

Dianna Walls I would take vacation during the fest, pack up the kids and spend the day meandering about enjoying the art, music, and atmosphere.

The past 5-6 years I have avoided the entire area. It’s a filthy, drunken, overpriced mess.

Glen A Weirbach Dianna Walls Until 7 years ago I took the week off too for 13 years. but single. Spent 10-12 hour days there!! The last 5 years has dwindled to walking through twice, making a loop, and going back home! Even the church stand, Holy Savior?, that was on the corner in Plaza Tropical was gone last year because no one wanted to work. Loved their donuts and tacos.

Bill Bekkenhuis Unreal. You are a patient saint.

Bernadette Chambers That’s ridiculous!!!

Fred Gilmartin boooooooo

Kris Kehr Hmmm…

Jessica Primrose McMillin Wow, that is awful. What’s next, no more Chicken Dance?

Kathy Fields Would be pleased to donate Flint Hill Farm

Teena Lagree that’s terrible!

Peter Smoyer That’s a brilliant idea. Have they doubled up on their rowdy tattooed teen music?

Jim Highway Sheridan So sorry Dave I always enjoyed your music there

Michael Hadfield You’re always welcome here! BTW, just added “Playground” to our music collection.

Lisa Secula That’s ridiculous

Jenny Heitler-Klevans Aargh! We had some great shows there in the past.

Dan Williams Dumb idea. I see a big story here running in the local newspaper.

Carol Keyes Hope it works out.

Andy Killcoyne Pass along to Moser of the Morning Call. Expose’

Andy Pollack That sucks. I was hoping that there would be some good kids’ music for me to take my daughter to at Musikfest this year. #ThanksMusikfest

Patricia L Neff That is a really dumb move on their part !!!

Amy Otey Makes me sad as well Dave Fry We enjoyed plaing that stage for those fabulous kids!!!

Dave Eshbach But.. You ARE the family activity of family activities.. Generations of families.!?

Jennifer Newland Isn’t it MUSIKfest? I’m sorry to see this post.

Dina Hall That really is a shame. I’ve taken my kids, and nieces and nephews to enjoy kids’ music at Musikfest, many times. I would have predicted a revival of that genre, not the demise.

Bonnie O’Donnell Well that’s incredibly stupid. Totally sucks.

Bruce J. Ward You are going the way of the Variety Artist!!! We must form a support group!!

Penn Clissold That’s too bad; what are they thinking?

Dave Hochella Sounds like they don’t want to use stage space for the G rated shows. I’m a little confused on what they want in it’s place …

Carole Devey Schachter Ditti, incredibly stupid!

Rich Laughlin I dare someone out there to tell me that doesn’t suck, DF!!

Kerch McConlogue That’s awful! What different direction should there be at Musikfest than FAMILY?

Dave Hochella If it ain’t broke…don’t fix it

Debi Rice If I can help in anyway, please let me know

Dianna Walls So much for engendering a love of music in the younger folks.

Carole Devey Schachter Time for a revolt!

Robert Phillips Disappointing, but not surprising. I’d vote my displeasure by boycotting, but since I haven’t gone for years I doubt they will notice.

Cathy Kimock Musikfest pays people to come up with bad ideas.

Nan Laudenslager In my opinion they’re moving in the wrong direction. They should understand that starting them is an investment in their future.

Tom Walz They’ll put up big screen TV’S eventually. Think of all the money they’ll save not paying performers…..

Sherryanne H Meyer I honestly don’t enjoy Musikfest like I used to. Time for us to step up and create our own music festival?? Power Chords could help. I’d love to do more to engage THIS community.

Nelly Brown Bunk Too bad!

Tom Molseed WHAT???

Susan White After all these years, this is sad, but Dave will be instrumental in making an alternative happen-he always does.

Julia Ferris Sad

Hilari Stahler Well this just made me livid.

Sara Eichner Wow, we only go to take the kiddos for the music! That’s really sad!!

Bob Falkenstein I guess I didn’t buy enough beer for mine when we would go.

Richard Frederick It seams that Musikfest has totally lost its way.
It has not been a community function bringing its residents together for more than half of its existence. It has sadly become a commercialized entity no longer serving the community

Gina Gabriel Wow, that’s not good news. The children’s music venue is so important, but you know that… you’re one of the best. My children/family remember you and others, like Tom Chapin, performing for the kids. What a loss that will be!

Dave Fry From Musikfest: We will not be offering a dedicated children’s music spot each day of the ‘fest at the Plaza Tropical stage.We’ve begun to move in the direction of offering more family activities, buskers, balloon making, and art in that space rather than kids bands. Perhaps in other venues…..

Richard Frederick The one VOICE we haven’t heard from?
Jeff Parks . I think he should comment and put an end to this controversy. He gave Bethlehem this festival. Bethlehem needs his leadership

Carolyn Burbage What ??? No kids music ??? Not good !

Iva Brooker Ferris Jeff has nothing to do with Musikfest anymore – he’s no longer the president. Plus, he’s in Florida.

Carolyn Burbage No kids bands saddens me !

Anna Negoescu Good for you!

Karan McGee Money fest sucks ! It should never have changed from its roots. Very political. Not about the local
Musicians anymore Not a fan

Cindy Dinsmore Doesnt that stink!!!

Helen Foraste Go get those knuckleheads, Dave! And congrats on your award: so well deserved for the decades of music and joy you’ve given our Community and all music lovers smile emoticon

Martha Cox Popichak Ridiculous. Who do they think grow up into music-appreciating adults? You encourage them when they are young!

John McLaughlin Buskers? What cheap bastards. Let THEM play for tips.

Dianna Walls What the heck is a busker?

John McLaughlin Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..

Kayte Connelly There’s. A vision for you. LET’S. Take artists and make them street beggars. Will the administrators also be on the the streets begging for their salaries? Will they be using their vacation or sick pay during this time? How blessed they presume themselves to be in their Eiffel Towers.

John McLaughlin With shag rugs and black leather armchairs….

Stewart Brodian I hope you get that performance set up on Sand Island – more power to you Dave Fry. You’re NOT going to let corporate mentality ruin things.

Maryanne Sarik I used to take vacation the week of musikfest just to walk around Bethlehem and enjoy and support local bands and find new music…the last few times I was there I was disappointed….I know things change but not always for the better…

Darlene Rose Brotzman Well Dave that’s pretty “disconcerting” pardon th pun! It is still a great venue in my beautiful hometown, but truly look how many lids are there! I love the clowns and balloon peeps and comedians etc.. but surely there is room for a few great musicians in the family friendly category. Good luck with the show!

Marjorie Monahan Very good

Eileen Sarik Biro It used to be a family event. That stinks!

Dave Fry Not a blanket removal of kids programming, with several acts spread throughout the festival.

Eileen Sarik Biro It was nice to have a “kids stage” so parents had one place to go and not have lug everyone/everything all over looking for kid friendly entertainment. Not happy that they took away the kids stage for rides!

Terry Mutchler This change was made three years ago. See Dave’s other post for more details

Joan Kolessar Agreed.

Mary Mosher Flesher Good for you.

My second post: I have a note from Musikfest that they are not eliminating family music from the festival. I will await to hear from them on the particulars. Stay tuned. Seems I have stirred up a bee’s nest.

Scott Siska Good.

Kathy DeAngelo the squeaky wheel gets the oil….

Dave Fry I was told that it was cut it from the children’s area and perhaps they will feature it at other venues. We shall see what they say. “We will not be offering a dedicated children’s music spot each day of the ‘fest at the Plaza Tropical stage. We’ve begun to move in the direction of offering more family activities, buskers, balloon making, and art in that space rather than kids bands.”

Cathy Kimock Ok, fine. So let’s dedicate an entirely new stage for children’s music and performances.

Barry Lehman After a lifetime of achievement, it may just be okay to stir up a bee’s nest once in a while. I am sure that this is the only time you have done that.

Dave Fry Seems I occasionally piss them off and have done so again.

Dave Eshbach See what you could do about getting the busses moved back near handicap parking. Instead of halfway to the casino.??

Kris Kehr If you think you’re losing your edge (and I don’t believe that for a second) I can give you pointers, I’m a natural at pissing off people, especially festivals.

Wayne Heiserman Well done Dave. I think they tried to do a slide job and you called them out on it.

Dave Hochella They’re the ones getting stung tho. Keep the pressure on.

Dave Eshbach someone must have used the new math when crunching numbers..

Rosemarie Sarge Brugger Good for u

Mary McCarty Go Dave..

Tom Walz Good! You DAH man!

Carole Devey Schachter Yeah!!

Mary Lou Lewis This is good! Keep it up!!!!1

Steve Lind They have more Platzes than brains.

Teena Lagree Good for you–stir that pot!

Joyce K. Moore Thank you.

Gene Galligan Remember “KINDERPLATZ”????????

Penn Clissold Good! Wonder what happened there?

Glen A Weirbach Maybe you can get the trolleys back that used to run up the hill to 3rd Ave. while you are at it?! LOL

Dianna Walls So, sounds like the family/children’s performers will be scattered throughout the various venues. Just what a parent with little ones needs– to schlep kids through the drunken masses trying to find the performers they want their kids to enjoy.
What an idiotic non-child friendly set up.

Bill Bekkenhis You ol’ ’70s radical. smile emoticon

David C. Perry Ha! So they don’t really want us to buzz off? ?

George C Reed Rile ’em up, Dave!

Rich Laughlin udaman!

Marc Gravez Glad to hear this.

Sunny Sonnenrein Well, you did elicit a comment or two on your post yesterday……

Kelly Boyles Keep the pressure on!!

Judith A Ehrlich It needed to be stirred,Dave.

Martha Cox Popichak Yeah!

Chris Simmons Glad to hear they may be reinstating it. I became disenchanted with Musikfest years ago. Used to play with Drew Nugent in front of Hotel Bethlehem during the fest (and CelticClassic) but Drew and his band were hired by the Hotel – not by Musikfest. By the way Drew and the Midnight Society would be a good act to book for Godfreys! He is quite the stride piano player and cornetist!

Carolyn Burbage Yay !!!!

Geoffrey Chambers Way to go!

Janet Schreiner I was told that they’d have strolling musicians but not having any family bands on stage I.e. There would be no family music stage. I probably screamed “what!!!” Into the phone in a volume best saved for the football stadium.

Cheri Smith Good for you

Sharon Lynch Sure hope so!

Kayte Connelly Please let me know if there is any. Way that I can support you.

Bernadette Chambers Happy you stirred that bees nest. Yay Dave!!!!

Dave Fry No family shows for me this year at Musikfest. I was told that I could do kids stuff at my other show, but my ‘adult’ show on Aug. 6th must remain that. To mix my adult and kids stuff is unfair to my both audiences.

Scott Jones Way to go!!!

Cathie Nauman Cheddar Keep up the good work

Joan Mitchell Good for you.

Dave Fry I appreciate Patrick Brogan for reaching out to me to exchange his thoughts with mine, and I referred to the many points that you all brought up in the dialogue. I’ll be at Arts Quest on Saturday morning.

Iva Brooker Ferris Thanks for the clarification, Dave.

Marc Gravez There hasn’t really been a kid’s stage for awhile. Just the first show doesn’t really count, regardless of what they call the “platz.”

Sunny Sonnenrein It may actually be nicer having family/kid friendly muzak in different areas. Glad they are not doing away with that completely….

Helen Foraste Good job, Dave! Good to get the conversation going on this, since the fest is getting more and more slick and pricey frown emoticon Thanks!

Samantha Walls Laudenslager Another kids music friend was told the same thing. That they weren’t having it this year at all.

Andy Pollack I would still prefer a dedicated stage. I feel like having kids music spread out like this is to make us walk back and forth through the fest so we stop and spend more money.
Instead, I will have a tired kid who won’t want to stay as long.
And without music, the kids area is basically the same as any local carnival except more expensive.

Dave Fry amen..

Samantha Walls Laudenslager Ditto! We don’t walk around when we go. We walk to the stage, enjoy the show, and go home. It’s too much already for a toddler. Lol

Joan Kolessar Basking in the fame.