The evening family night was held in the sanctuary on Thursday night at six pm. The folks trickled in close to show time and we had a critical mass of families, with grandparents, parents and older siblings along with the youngsters. It was fun to talk with the kids who had seen me the day before and they were ready from the get go. One mom said that her kids were singing Magic Penny in the car and at home, and another mom said that her kid called me the Peanut Butter guy. It’s nice to hear this feedback.

The folks warmed up, including the dads (I really work on them). We had a good session, wrapping up with the bag of instruments and dancing along with getting everyone up to do the Hokey Pokey at the end. I sold several CDs at the end, surprisingly.

The staff of the school was somewhat disappointed in the turnout, thinking that the place would be standing room only. I reflected that family life is so disjointed with sports schedules and other demands on family time that it is really hard to count on support with these events. I said that I was pleased that we got as many folks as we did and that it was a joyous time.

They have adopted Magic Penny as the theme song for the school year and it was nice to start and end both concerts with that great song.