I headed out Rt. 22 for The Meeting of the Minds, a hippies in the hills festival that I’ve played versions off over the last several years. Chrystal, the lady who books me has seen me at Grace Montessori School and invites me up to play a noon-ish set in the kids’ area among the arts and crafts, with various youths hanging out while their parents recover from the night before. Never a lot of kids, but always a challenge.

This festival is about an hour west of home, in a beautiful part of PA, just over the Blue Mountain. It’s always a great scenic drive, though today I took 22 when I should have taken the alt 22 road that takes me past old stone barns, lush corn fields and no truck on the road.

I made it to the Schuylkill Co. Fairgrounds and the vendor stands were chock full of tie-dyes, Grateful Dead posters and buttons, dresses, paraphernalia, etc. I set up stuff next to the kids’ art tent and launched into Shoo That Fly. Several of the arts counselors picked up tambourines and the few kids came over. Off we went. No more than four kids and a few curious counselors, but there were some great connections and moments came about.

One cool kids, about 11 or so, was matching me wit for wit, to the point I asked if he was drinking coffee. He said yeh and went over and got his styrofoam cup. I traded glances with the adults and chuckled.

Another instance happened when a little brat came up to me before the gig and gave me a piece of trash, and said, “Here,” and walked away. I spoke out, “Dude!” and one of the dads making art with his kids turned around as if I was talking to him. I motioned to the departing kids, and dad said, ” We all answer to ‘dude’ at this festival.” That was funny….

I finished up, packed up and pocketed my fee (in cash!!!), said my thanks and headed out to my next gig of the day in Oley, PA. Another beautiful trek through this wonderful countryside.