This second assembly was for the younger grades, about 300 of them, and that’s a good thing for the back end of these doubleheaders. It’s my nap time, you know. These were the K’s, 1st and 2nd graders, plus the special needs kids. They were ready to play with John and myself, the teachers were pleased to be outside, as well. I did the sure stuff like Bear Hunt, PB&J, Tutti Tah, etc. I commented to John as we packed up, it’s okay to repeat this stuff for this age. In fact, it is a joy to see them respond when they know song – a sense of ownership in their young lives. I’m glad I can deliver some of these moments of connection with them, and I get the best seat in the house.

Later, I saw John at Hub Willson’s arts’ opening and asked him how it was for his kids to see him play such fine guitar on stage. He said the kids love it, but also went on to say how much fun it was to see the kids have so much fun in front of him. I think it was interesting to watch the teachers when John was doing some of his nasty leads. They were really digging it and it was nice to watch him shine. Again, we both get the best seats in the house.

It was tough day with two energetic shows, two set-ups and break-downs (the real work). I was glad in was only ten miles away, and I always get the energy back from the kids, the teachers, the healthy check and the opportunity to play with my good friend John.

I stopped at Rita’s for a gelati on the way home. I earned it.