I got into Northford with a little time to spare so I headed up to Ron’s house for some coffee, some chat and to pick up my Strat that he had worked on. He did a great job. He mentioned that there was an open mike in Seymour later that evening and invited me up to do a set. I was interested since I would be done at 7:30 and could sneak it in on the way home to PA.

I’ve done this library for several years, thanks to Deb, the children’s librarian, finishing up the kids summer reading program. My concert, along with free ice cream, guaranteed a good turnout. It was a full house, with lots of toddlers, grandmoms, dads and moms, along with two good CT folk friends Kent and Stan in the audience.

I pretty much ran with my standard family tunes, with kids sitting on the rug in front of me. As the little ones started to ramble through the stacks (obviously at home here in the children’s section), I finished up with my dance set. I sold several CDs, including three for a woman who said some fans who knew me from before requested all my kids stuff, since they couldn’t make it. I sold more CDs to folk who weren’t even there than to folk in attendance. Hmmm.

Afterwards I had a chance to catch up with Stan and Kent, two of my good folkie friends. I really do miss hanging out with these folks. I miss the times spent at open mikes over my 10 years in CT. They really were the folks that welcomed me into CT and made me feel that I had a place in their community.

I headed out for Seymour to see what would happened at the Old Country Store.