I had booked a strangle doubleheader for Wednesday, with an afternoon gig popping up in Catasauqua for the George Taylor House folks (historic site) and a previously booked library in my old home town of Northford, CT. 1 pm in PA and 6:30 pm in CT. No problem.

The local YMCA summer camp was visiting the historic house and grounds and the good folks from the museum hooked me up to play for the kids after lunch. They also found some money to pay me at the last minute.

I set up under a large tree and about 70 campers and counselors gathered around. I figured I could get by with no sound system and it worked out pretty well. It was a mix of youngsters and some pre-teens, and everybody got into the music, shenanigans and instrument playing. It was hard work dealing with the kids on blankets, counselors not quite committing to the play and the variety of ages involved. But, it was a beautiful summer day under the tree, in the grass, being kids. It was all good.

I packed up and headed out for a three (hopefully) hour trip up to CT, through NJ, NYC and CT traffic. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. This is what I sign up for.