I hit the road at 7 am for parts unknown in Millville, NJ, near Vineland. RockRoots had rare summer assembly at a school in South Jersey. The traffic was surprisingly easy so we all got to the site an hour ahead of time. (Boing!) It turned out to be a very nice gig with a mix of special needs kids, advanced ed campers and various other summer camps.

It was in a gym at the middle school with lots of kids, counsellors and teachers so it was a good and active audience for the show. Kids got up and danced, we coerced all the adults to get up and dance, and it was a great summer morning of music in Millville, NJ.

The band played really well, especially after a month layoff between the official end of the school year til now. But that’s what is really special about the lads in the band. We all pick up from where we left, especially Steve, who’s the new guitarist on the block. I am amazed that I can run the smooth show, with the format and patter, while Nick and Kevin run the band. We are tight and can give Steve the slack he needs to learn the show. This is the incredible backstory to this RockRoots phenomenon. We can consistently deliver a crisp, intelligent show to an incredible variety of educational situations. It’s good to work with pros.

Now, off to CT for an evening solo show at a library.