What can I say? Sam Steffen and I had a superlative show at Godfreys in many, many ways. One that I can truly say was quintessentially a generational folk music show.

Sam is a great songwriter. He doesn’t shy from powerful cultural topics: race, inequality, incarceration, love and more. But he remains humble and yet deft in his presentation. And, I’m finding out, he’s no slouch on guitar. And his poetry and lyric craftsmanship is astounding. I get to sit on stage and watch. Best seat in da house.

In return, I get to play my strong adult material, react to Sam’s material, or simply take it somewhere else. I got out my A material (Don’t Call Me Early, Black Jack Co. Chain, Legends, Giants, mandolin, and more). It turned out to be an intellectually stimulating evening for Sam, myself and the Godfrey’s audience.

Strong encore. Nice.

The audience was particularly nice. Some old folks and a bunch of new folks. It was a great mix of old folkies and new folkies that was really quite remarkable unto itself. Only at Godfreys. Really!

I had an especially great time playing my guitar tonight. No direct; just the mike. My Martin is in peak form, though begging for some time off for frets, cracks, etc. It is my Harley. We go for rides together. As I related to an artist friend after the show, I’ve never been a good lead player but I love to play rhythm guitar. I have been able to make that my ‘lead’ guitar. That’s taken me years to accept and relish. Big step for me.

Tonight was one of the really good ones. Thanks, Sam.