I headed up from New Haven early on Saturday, the Fourth of July, for a new farmers’ market in West Hartford. In a parking lot next to a Starbucks, this hearty group of community activists have started a weekly FM. It was a small one, with two growers, a goat and cow producer, a baker and some volunteers greeting folks as they arrived.

I was the first paid performer for them, so I felt it necessary to show up on time and play to the best of my abilities. They had billed me as a kids performer but there never was enough kids for me to ‘do my stuff’. But, I had all my other repertoire of tunes and songs to engage those who came to shop and those who came to sell. The vendors and volunteers really had a good time and it was nice to have them acknowledge the songs with applause and grins at various points mid-song.

The shoppers were very friendly and I got my first $1 in the first minute. I gave away a couple of CD’s to kids who joined in and there was a $5 spot among the bucks in the case at the end. There ya go.

The folks want me back and I’ll make the trip if I pick up other CT gigs. It was a long drive back to Bethlehem, but I had baseball on the radio to soothe my Fourth of July soul. A good trip all around.