After the Madison FM, I headed up to my friend Ron Anthony’s place for some picking and eating. Frank Pergola was there, too, so I looked forward to playing some tunes with my good CT friends. Some other guests were there for the weekend so we had to pay some social dues before picking up our guitars.

Suze cooked up a Portuguese Fish Chowder that was wonderful, served around a real table with real glassware, silverware, wine, etc. There were four other folks up from NYC so the chat was good until Gun Control came up. Unfortunately the presence of alcohol turned up the heat and I excused myself from the table and l sat in the kitchen and picked up my guitar. I was eventually joined by Frank and another woman while loud voices rang out in the dining area.

Eventually Ron came out and apologized for the alcohol-fueled debate, to his credit, and we sat down to some good picking, guitar talk, et al.

Unfortunately, the one over-inebriated NYC matron started to bull her way into the situation, saying that she wanted to have the three of us come to her place in the city to entertain her friends. During dinner we had discussed the fact that today’s culture likes music free. She agreed at that point, but then here she was, wanting us to provide the same for her.

She asked what would it take to have me come into the city for this. I said, “money.” She countered with dinner, a place to stay, etc. I repeated, “money”, especially considering the hassle of going into the city. She started to drop F bombs, and, unfortunately, I responded with a couple of my own. I packed up my guitar, thanked Suze for the great dinner, shook hands with the guests and headed for the door. She continued to go on and on, full voice, and I finally turned and walked out the door.

As I drove away it dawned on me that even money wouldn’t make me play for this woman. And I was glad that I wasn’t drinking either.