This RockRoots gig is an annual trek to near Atlantic City at a large special needs facility. The kids are from 5 to 21 and have various abilities, and have many dedicated teachers helping them out. The gym fills up with 300 kids plus teachers and I try to run the show towards dance and movement and less on the spoken word. It’s a tough gig, yet quite rewarding.

We got stuck in traffic last year and we missed performing for them. The staff really likes what we do, they like that I have my bag of rhythm instruments, and it’s rewarding to see the kids get up and dance in a safe and friendly situation.

I often lose my focus on the strict script while dealing with this amazing scenario in front of me, but the band knows that and we are quite flexible in stretching tunes if they’re dancing, pick up on the flow when I skip over some of my dialogue. Here’s where I’m glad I play with pros like Kevin, Nick and Steve.

It was an early departure and a long drive there and back, so I was whipped when I got back. Enough time to recover and do my radio show later. Music, music, music….