Seems I’m doing more of these events. And, that’s a good thing.

I helped kick off a series of musical events at the Whitehall Public Library on Thursday evening. I was glad that my friend John Christie offered his musical assistance a couple of hours ahead. I texted him back, “Sure!”

I showed up, John showed up and we took off with an assortment of seniors, families and a youth group of library volunteers who added an interesting slice to the demographic of the evening. Teens.

I had the opportunity to slide in some ‘adult’ tunes, especially July, since the expiration date approaches on the song. And we also got to howl, make spooky noises and other sounds not often heard in a library. I love it.

I really enjoy John’s contribution to my sets (he’ll be with me for my kids set at Musikfest on Wed. August 12th). His listening abilities, along with his fine chops, make for a stimulating combination. He picks up on everything I throw at him and often, it is a new song on the fly. “Key of A” and off we go. I commented on FB that we do love the chaos, and he replied, “Yes, we do.” It’s good to have him as a friend.

I sold a couple of CD’s and the librarian said several families got new library cards. They were very pleased with the evening. So was I.