It’s been over a year since I played this very nice farmers’ market, mostly because of the number of people who want to play it. and to play it for free. It is usually for four hours, easily the longest of all the markets I play, and I was able to get special dispensation for this one, a big ole $50. It’s too bad because I feel I add a special talent and sonic aura to the event. I know the vendors really appreciate what I do and how I do it.

After booking this gig, I found out that I could throw out the first pitch at the Iron Pigs game, so I negotiated an early exit after three hours. The folks were quite gracious and understanding.

I like to do it acoustically, no sound system, and it fits in with Sunday morning, artisan nature of the market. I also mix my adult stuff in with the kids stuff as families stroll on by. And I like to sit and play through the whole length of the session. I certainly have enough material and I’d rather not take a break.

Today I was kicking myself because I had mislocated my pick/capo pouch so I was limited to my flatpicking tunes in standard tuning. Songs I sing with a capo were out of the question as were a lot of my fingerpicking tunes. As it was, I simply plowed through all the songs I could without much thought to the ‘specialty’ tunes that called for extra hardware. As usual, the time went quickly.

The moment I held onto was early in the first couple of songs. A mom and her two young daughters approached and I noticed some recognition on their part. The younger girl was autistic and when she saw me, she immediately ran up to me and gave me a big hug. Not only was I amazed, but the vendors and the few shoppers around stopped what they were doing and joined in the obvious joy of the moment. I said that that was all I needed for the day, and it was.

I played well with some usual bounces in the lyrics, but it was a good session. I headed back to Bethlehem to meet up with my son for some baseball on a Fathers’ Day.