Though it wasn’t supposed to rain today, there was enough clouds and a fine mist in the area that the Campus Square FM was pretty sparsely attended though that’s not a terrible thing. I got there and set up a little late and rolled into my set. I was test driving a 000-15 Martin that I’m interested in buying from a friend and it was a little stiff. But it’s a good guitar and made me adapt to it.

Since there was no one in particular (not counting the vendors) I had free reign to play what I wanted, so I tossed in Smoking Babies and a few others. I found myself ending a song and going directly into another song in that key. It was a good exercise in flowing between tunes with out the usual patter.

I finished up and chatted with some of the vendors, some of whom gave me a few perks in soap and kiffles and peanut butter. I guess if things are slow, the vendors listen to the music more and they showed their appreciation. Nice to be part of their community.

My Upper Saucon gig was cancelled (postponed) for the evening, and I realized I could head out to Amy’s jam in Boyertown. The folks were glad to see me, and I said that if I was not going to get paid tonight, I’d rather not get paid with them. They agreed not to pay me.

I truly love this jam. There’s some old friends, some pros and some amateurs, but all are willing to share their music in this warm and welcoming session. I particularly like it because I can noodle on guitar and mandolin, add some strong rhythm when necessary, support the efforts of each player, interject some devilish humor and lead several songs. A very nice diversity of playing situations.

Tonight I offered Rhumba Man, a difficult song that is finally rounding into consistent shape performance-wise, July (though F is not a friendly jam key) and well as singing Louise for my friend and vocalist Bonnie Wren. I love singing that song.

I brought out my old M-38 Martin, emboldened by my experiment with the new guitar in the afternoon. It, too, was stiff, but I enjoyed hearing its clarity and full sound that I recalled from twenty years ago. Leads were out of the question but its rhythm chops were really nice sonic-ally. I wish all of my instruments were in perfect shape to play. But each has its own demands and they shaped how I play. That’s good.

It was a day of music that soothed my soul. A little pay, some nice community interaction and some music among friends to top it off. .. and kiffles when I got back.